Tre Esse is jewelry that never goes unnoticed and which instills its strong character into the look of the young,uninhibited, sensual woman – stealing glances and attention and transporting them to the places it calls to mind. The secret of the jewelry’s allure lies in the material used, in the craftmanship and in the creativity of its conception. The jewels come in 18kt yellow, white, rose or  bronzed gold, often colored with shades of enamel and sometimes with reflections  from the natural stones.

The pieces are always hand-finished using varied and innovative  techniques. Playing on themes of emptiness versus fullness, positive versus negative, the jewels employ curves that use the pliability of the precious metal to take one by surprise,  giving each piece a life of its own, its own special identity. Vintage and avantguard, attraction and irony, nature and sophistication, expert craftmanship and attention to trends are innate in the necklaces, earrings, rings and  bracelets of TRE ESSE, making it a new force of creativity in the art  of Italian jewelry making.