2015 Photo shoot




New York is the city that loves art, fashion and everything new – a city that is always open to new ideas and to people who have something different to offer. That is where Tre Esse took flight for its latest photo shoot.

Always one step ahead, New Yorkers can usually predict what’s next and thus somehow legitimate our collection.

Tre Esse chose Raoul Beltrame, a fashion, beauty and advertising photographer as artistic director. As eclectic as his work, Raoul was born in France, started his experience in Italy, at the National Cinema Academy in Bologna, and in 2011 decided to increase his passion and talent by moving to the U.S., where he is still expressing his art.
Within his references, he boast collaborations with Mauro Magagna, Alessandro Gerini, David Benoliel and Greg Gorman, all fashion photographers well known in U.S., and Maurizio Bacci, his current partner at Studio Babaldi Photography, NY.
His clients include Manolo Blahnik, SJP (Sara Jessica Parker), Gerard Peregaux, Jean Richard, Vita Coco, Inglesina USA, Jeckerson , Nikki Beach, Marina Rinaldi, Thema Optical.