Saturday, July 22nd 2017 in occasion of Tao Moda combined with TAO AWARDS TreEsse will present its latest collection which pays tribute to the extraordinary beauty of the surroundings of the Teatro Antico in Taormina.
For TreEsse this event represents a new way of connecting with the public.
What this show will highlight is that jewelry design is not only art and craftsmanship competence but a piece of jewellery is ultimately conceived to be worn. Every design TreEsse creates has to "perform", each piece is characterized of uniqueness and movement, linear perfection and strict adherence to scale.
Scale is key, bold and brilliant and playfully TreEsse over-long strands of diamanté tumbled from the ear as well as round, baguette proportion elements intricate in a eye-catching necklace which refer to the glamour of the 1980s.
Don’t miss the luxury, art, and glamour event and follow the Taomoda live from the national channel Rai 1 and La 7.
Feeling unique in every moment
Craftmanship made in Italy
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